Creative Kidz Preschool | A safe learning enviornment for your kidz

Creative Kidz Preschool & Daycare

It is important that children can transition from one setting to another with confidence. This will help the children transition from teacher to teacher, deal with different teaching styles and different classroom organizations, when advancing grades. This taken into consideration, preschool plays a very important part in a child’s education.

At Creative Kidz Preschool, we  work on these aspects of the child’s education. We work on the child’s math, motor skills, creative arts, social and emotional development. Our goal is to provide a clean, safe and fun environment where children are encouraged to learn, create and develop positive self-esteem- all while learning skills that will prepare them for kindergarten.

We offer a year round preschool program along with full time childcare.
Creative Kidz is dedicated to not only providing excellent childcare but also making sure each child is ready for kindergarten.

Creative Kidz is a state certified Preschool/ Child care center.
All of our teachers and aids are University trained/ State certified.
All staff is registered with the Criminal Registry.
Our classrooms are age specific and separated by age.
Our Teachers assist with potty training!

  • There are mornings and full-day programs available
  • Your child does not have to be potty trained to benefit from our stimulating curriculum.
  • We offer a 10% discount on your second child

Curriculum for Creative Kidz Preschool

We offer a bilingual preschool program.
What does this mean? We practice the majority of our preschool curriculum in both English and in Spanish i.e. The days of the week, the months of the year, the seasons of the year, colors, shapes and much more!

Our curriculum is a  high-quality, professionally-designed early learning program that creates enthusiasm for learning and builds school readiness skills. That provides both teachers and parents with strategies for children with various developmental needs, experiences, and diverse culture. Our activities and assessment materials are aligned with early learning standards.

Creative Kidz offers  a  weekly music class for our students!
Sue, our music teacher is a board-certified music therapist with over 25 years experience working with children and music! Sue uses a mixture of new and familiar music, as well as percussion instruments, a variety of drums, guitar, scarves, movement’s activities, action songs, and many other fun activities!

Take a look at what we are learning this month!

Letters: J, K, L
Numbers: 9, 10
Shapes: Star
Colors: Green
Theme 1: Kids in the Kitchen
Theme 2: Holiday Hoopla
Letters: M, N, O
Numbers: 11, 12
Shapes: Octagon
Colors: White
Theme 1: Mitten Magic
Theme 2: Once Upon a Time
Letters: P, Q, R
Numbers: 13, 14
Shapes: Heart
Colors: Pink
Theme 1: Feeling Fantastic
Theme 2: Tropics in Winter
Letters: S, T, U
Numbers: 15, 16
Shapes: Rhombus
Colors: Blue
Theme 1: Wacky Weeks
Theme 2: Sail Away
Letters: V, W, X
Numbers: 17, 18
Shapes: Oval
Colors: Yellow
Theme 1: Egg-citing Changes
Theme 2: The World of Art
Letters: Y, Z
Numbers: 19, 20
Shapes: Square
Colors: Purple
Theme 1: Nurture Nature
Theme 2: Bookworms on the Go
Letters: Review A-H
Numbers: Review 1-8
Shapes: Review Circle, Triangle, Rectangle
Colors: Review Red, Orange, Black, Brown
Theme 1: Construction Zone
Theme 2: Let’s Go to the Fair
Letters: Review I-Q
Numbers: Review 9-14
Shapes: Review Star, Octagon, Heart
Colors: Review Green, White, Pink
Theme 1: America the Beautiful
Theme 2: Going Fishing