Infants March- August Themes & Newsletter

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Yellow, Blue

Sunny Savannah: Children are usually fascinated by wild animals! Lions, giraffes, zebras and more are included in this exciting theme.

Springtime Sparkles: Enjoy the sounds, sights, scents, textures, and tastes of springtime during this sunny theme that helps children explore the beautiful world around them.

Eating the Rainbow: From tiny blueberries to giant watermelons, the children will explore an enticing array of fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables.

Sand and Sea: Young children are naturally drawn to sand and water. This theme offers many opportunities for lots of sensory explorations as they discover more about the ocean and shore.



: Purple, Black
: Square
: Tall/Short

Pet Friends: Bark like dogs, meow like cats, and enjoy other silly fun during this theme about pets the children know and love.

Gardening and Growing: Dig in the dirt and discover seeds, rocks, and wiggly worms! Whether your explorations take place in a garden on top of an apartment building, in a window box, or in a backyard, your infants and toddlers will find endless fascination seeing things grow.

Dairy Days: Mooo! Children will learn about cows and the lip-licking treats they provide, from milk to ice cream.

Pond Life: Let’s head down to the pond to have fun learning about frogs, turtles, beavers, and other creatures that live in and around a pond.


: Review All
: Triangle
: On/Off

Colors and Shapes: Explore the indoor and outdoor environment together to find shapes and colors everywhere! Children will also be delighted to discover ways to combine colors and shapes to make new ones.

Vacation Bound: Children can push, pull, scoot, and pedal to make things go! They can also put things in and out of backpacks and suitcases as they pretend to travel to visit family members and friends.

Beautiful Bugs: Children will enjoy chasing butterflies, crawling like ants, buzzing like bees and more as they explore a wide variety of insect life.

Lazy Summer Days:Put on your sunglasses and get ready to relax and enjoy the end of summer with water play, active games, frosty treats,and more.